Course Overview

The UK formally exited the European Union on January 31st but has continued to operate under EU rules during the Transition Period, which is scheduled to end on December 31st. What lies beyond that date?

Who is this suited for?

This online CPD course is aimed at finance professionals with clients that have a significant commercial exposure to Northern Ireland and/or Great Britain.

Course content:

  • Deal, No Deal or Delay? What’s likely to happen?
  • Deal – What are the likely contours of an agreed Brexit? What are the implications for Irish business?
  • No Deal – What would a No Deal arrangement mean in practice? How should Irish business best react?

        CDP Course Facilitator:

        Cormac Lucey – Finance Lecturer & Economics Columnist

        Cormac Lucey teaches finance at the Irish Management Institute, University College Dublin and Chartered Accountants Ireland. He is a chartered accountant and has worked in various financial roles in banking and in industry in Ireland and in Germany. He lives in Dublin with his wife and son