Course Summary

Duration1 hour

PresenterBernard V Rogan

Course Details

Accountants need to know what to do when things go wrong and they end up in regulatory and disciplinary procedures with their institutes. In this webinar we look at the Regulatory and Disciplinary Framework and the practical things accountants can do to protect themselves and minimise the impact on them and their business when they are found to have not fully complied with their Institute Bye Laws and Regulations.

Why is this important?

Regulatory and Disciplinary Procedures are extremely stressful for accountants and the potential for bad publicity can have a damaging effect on their ability to maintain their business. Obviously avoiding non-compliance is the best solution, but when issues arise how do you mitigate the process at the outset and what do you need to do as it escalates.

How can you implement this knowledge and benefit?

This webinar will help you prevent Regulatory and Disciplinary Procedures escalating and give you the insights to manage the process to minimise your risk and the personal stress that goes with it if they do. You will get the insights and knowledge of a Disciplinary Defence Team that specialise in representing accountants and supporting them in navigating the regulatory and disciplinary procedures of the Irish Institutes.

  • The Regulatory Framework and Intro
  • How do things go wrong?
  • The Initial Responses and Correspondence
  • Appearing before Committees and Tribunals
  • Decision and The Appeals Process

Presenter: Bernard V Rogan