Course Overview

Accountants are the trusted advisor for their clients, they know sometimes before the clients accept, that a business is in difficulty. By becoming aware of the potential benefits of the solutions available under Personal Insolvency for their clients, accountants can help their clients through the journey and their relationship is strengthened for the future when their clients financially recover.

This online CPD course will cover:

  • The different insolvency solutions available for clients
  • Key insolvency indicators
  • Calculation of debt repayment affordability
  • Examples of how personal insolvency works for clients

    CDP Course Facilitator:

    Claire Kelly – My Debt Solution

    Claire Kelly, Auditor & Personal Insolvency Practitioner based in Newbridge, benefits from both experience in accounting & auditing, and expanded her practice into providing solutions to clients in the area of Personal Insolvency since the legislation was introduced 6 years ago.

    She currently holds the position of Chair of APIP, the professional representative body of PIPs and has been active at committee level for the last 3 years including representing the profession for media activities working with the Insolvency Service of Ireland and their communications team for the ABHAILE scheme which provides funding for debtors at risk of losing their home.

    Her team operate a balance of professionalism and empathy for insolvency clients providing expert advise and a realistic assessment of how their debt problems can be restructured working between the Debtors and the banks.