Course Overview


Session 1: The Accountants Marketing Machine

How do successful businesses stand out in the market? Why is it some businesses have such a strong digital presence, they seem to be everywhere you look? How do they seem to grow so effortlessly?

It’s because they understand and harness the power of marketing.

As Peter Drucker, the grandfather of management education, wrote in The Practice of Management, “Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two–and only two–basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business.”

Marketing is crucial. It doesn’t matter how great your product or service is and how much value you add, if you’re not effectively COMMUNICATING THE VALUE of what you do.

Yet for many business owners, marketing remains a mystery or, at best, a gamble. Some things work, many things don’t, and it’s hard to predict what will and what won’t work.

Join MC Carter, founder of global digital marketing agency Practice Paradox, in this online CPD Course where you’ll learn:

  • Why everything starts with strategy — and why strategy alone is not enough
  • Is technology a key?: The perils of Bright Shiny Objects and Silver Bullets
  • The 2 core ingredients for developing marketing CAPABILITY for your business
  • The 2 core ingredients for developing a marketing PLAN for your business
  • Options for developing marketing capacity in your business
  • How to bridge the most common marketing skill gaps in small businesses
  • ‘Marketing CPR’ for small and medium businesses
  • Identifying your business’ next step in your marketing

Who should attend:

  • Accountants and business advisors
  • Growth oriented business owners
  • Marketing team members

Session Facilitator: 
MC Carter – Paradox 


Session 2: Technology the Path to the Future

In this online CPD session, Des hosts a panel discussion with three accountants. Lauren du Plooy is a South African based practitioner, who embraced the cloud 5 years ago. Peter Jarman made the final of Intuit Firm of the Future, 2018. Kevin Barry is an accountant based in Galway.

Des discusses what the accountancy business looked like before the they started their individual journeys with the cloud, what prompted the change and what does the practice look like today.

  • Why should you move to the cloud
  • Learn how to start the move to the cloud
  • Don’t make the mistakes our panellists made.
  • How could they have moved quicker
  • What does success look like

Session Facilitators: 
Lauren du Plooy – Rae & Associates, Peter Jarman – PJCO Chartered Certified Accountants, Kevin Barry – Kevin Barry & Co

Session 3:

Martin Bissett is a leading authority in helping the practice growth of accountancy businesses on a global basis. Martin is the CEO and Founder of the Upward Spiral Partnership, a membership organisation for ambitious accountants, with branches in UK, Australia and South Africa.

Martin’s practical talk covers immediate ways to create a spike in ten areas of your business.

  • Revenue
  • Pipeline
  • HR
  • Marketing

Session Facilitator: 
Martin Bissett – Upward Spiral Partnership

Session 4: Advisory: The Client Framework

John Thompson is the leading authority on Business Advisory. John worked with Harris Walters back in the past, but when that business was bought, John left and created his advisory business: Complete Advisory Solution.

John discusses client centric advisory:

  • Can you explain to yourself what advisory is?
  • What do Business owners really want?
  • How to scale and structure advisory
  • What is the Primary, secondary and tertiary advisory model

Session Facilitator: 
John Thompson – The Complete Advisory Solution 


CDP Course Facilitators:

MC Carter – Paradox

An award-winning entrepreneur, patent holder, product designer, copywriter, tech company founder, business consultant, marketing advisor, speaker and self-confessed ‘propellor head’, MC has worked in and consulted to the accounting profession across two decades. What lights MC’s fire is the psychology of influence and the technology of marketing. The combination of these, MC believes, creates the closest thing he’s seen to modern day alchemy.

Martin Bissett – Founder of the Upward Spiral Partnership

Martin Bissett is the founder of the Upward Spiral Partnership (USP), the international consulting firm that specialises in enabling the accounting profession to win higher end clients, create leaders from their ranks and save lives…more on that last part later.

His purpose is to alert the accounting profession to the profound outcomes that their advisory expertise can create in the lives of their clients.

At the same time, he also alerts the accounting profession to the profound difficulties that can arise in the lives of their clients when they choose not to educate their clients about the impact that their advisory expertise can have.

The Upward Spiral Partnership is the 4th business Martin has played a key role in building and the first of his own.

John Thompson – CAS

John Thompson is the Advisory Guy and heads up CAS – The Complete Advisory Solution. He has been delivering Advisory Services to clients and teaching others how to successfully deploy Advisory Services in their practices for more than 20 years.

An FCA, he was part of the Harris Walters team, led by Richard Walters, that developed an advisory led culture, before the term advisory was even being used, tripled in size in two years before selling the practice to what was then Baker Tilly, now RSM, for several million pounds.
John became a national partner with Baker Tilly and trained more than 100 partners and managers in how to deliver advisory services. He has also worked within a large leisure organisation and been FD of an SME in the construction sector.

Having been there and done it, in several roles, John has a good fix on what works and what doesn’t. That is why he is The Advisory Guy.