Course Overview


Session 1: The Emotionally Intelligent Accountant

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a term that is bandied about and has become a popular topic in recent times. But it is not just a passing fad or flavour of the month. It is a really useful skill in your resilience toolbox. Unlike IQ which tends to get set and remains the same throughout our adult life EQ (Emotional Intelligence grows and improves over time, but can be developed through training, mentoring and coaching. This short session will give you the tools to increase your EQ, and that of your team. High EQ can lead to…….

  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced leadership skills
  • Improved responsiveness
  • Greater creativity
  • Creating enthusiastic work environments
  • Reducing stress levels
  • Resolving emotional issues
  • Improving the well being of employees
  • Improving relationships

Session Facilitator: Terry Harmer – NLC Training

Session 2: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Accountants

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People written by Stephen Covey has sold more than 25 million copies worldwide is a business guide and self-help book that presents an approach to being effective in attaining goals by principles based on a character ethic that is universal and timeless.

This session Builds on Steven Covey’s work, it looks at the & habits in turn and shares skills, tools, templates and approaches that will help you and your team to become more effective, more efficient and more productive in both your professional and personal life.

Session Facilitator: Terry Harmer – NLC Training

Session 3: The Psychology of Success for Accountants

As normal human beings, we get in our own way, complicate the simple, make things unnecessarily difficult for ourselves, think that we have to work hard to be a success and, generally speaking, excel at doing little more than making it from one day to the next!

That’s not neither an exaggeration nor an over-statement – it’s simply a scientific fact: the human brain evolved to equip us for survival – and little else.

It’s why we’re so prone to triggering the stress response – the ultimate and most automated survival mechanism we have at our disposal. It’s why we can find it so difficult to do just what we need to do to achieve our goals and objectives. And it’s why we’re really comfortable staying within our comfort zone… even if our comfort zone is not really that comfortable at all.

You’re Your Own Worst Enemy

Because survival is our key priority:

  • We cannot give our undivided attention to anything else – we’re wired to not focus
  • We frequently trigger the stress response – the physical effects of which are slowly killing us
  • We cannot imagine our goals in a way that enables the mind take clear and decisive action

But You Also Have Some Things Going for You!

Built in, as part of our survival mechanisms, we have:

  • A highly sophisticated decision-making and problem-solving capability
  • The ability to create our reality – sounds strange but, once explained, it’s completely logical

What This Session is All About

Participants will learn how to:

  • Give your undivided attention to what matters
  • Set your mind to achieve your goals and objectives
  • Harness the power of your decision-making and problem-solving capabilities
  • Create the kind of success you want

In 90 mins?

Yes – we’re going to do all that in ninety minutes and you’ll discover that you don’t have to work hard to be a success… success is effortless when you give it your undivided attention.

Session Facilitator: Willie Horton – Willie Horton

Session 4: Managing a Team Remotely in a Pandemic

Accountants that want to maximise performance in a remote working environment and have greater client engagement should join this webinar.

The pandemic has meant accountants are now working in distributed models from home, co -working spaces and offices. How can you ensure you are working to peak performance in a virtual world? Is it possible to still promote innovation and culture? What about the client experience and feeling connected to your brand and team if you have lost the hand shake? If business is won through networking and events, what can be done now?  If all accountants are remote, and a large % are feeling isolated then what is preventing you losing great staff in 2021? As a leader do you need upskills or does managing remotely come naturally?

Covid-19 has created this remote working world and it is here for some time to come with many arguing we will never return to full time in the office again. There are many questions to be answered.

This session will equip250 Accountants with the tools, technology, know how and global best practices on what to put in place to establish your customised Smart Working models that will see you through the pandemic and prime you for growth as we come out of the recession.

Key takes include

  • Techniques and tools to excel at managing remotely
  • Building an engaged remote team
  • How to business develop and build strong customer relationships in a virtual world
  • The ROI on remote and hybrid working for your clients
  • Being ahead of the competition in 2021

Session Facilitator: Vanessa Tierney – Abodoo


CDP Course Facilitators:

Terry Harmer – NLC Training

Terry Harmer is a Member of the Institute of Training & Development (MIITD), a Fellow of the Sales Institute of Ireland, (FSII), a Member of the Marketing Institute of Ireland, (MMII) Member / Qualification, is a Licensed Practitioner of NLP, (NLP Prac.), holds qualifications in Business Administration, a Certificate in Training & Continuing Education, (1st Class Honours, NUI Maynooth), ROI Impact, Measurement, (training on training evaluation and transfer of skills to the workplace).

Terry delivers City & Guilds and QQI certified courses and a portfolio of training programmes ranging from a half day to over a year in duration. He is on the Enterprise Ireland Mentor panel, and has been working and training with West Offaly Training and Offaly Local Development Company (West Offaly Partnership) since 2001.

Terry Harmer has worked with 22 LEO’s (Formerly Enterprise Boards) since their inception around the country, delivering training on Sales, Marketing, Business Development, People and Management Skills. His engagements for those LEO’s have been with new and established businesses delivering training and operating as a mentor.

Willie Horton – FCCA AITI MMII BSc(Hons) Psychology MBPsS

Willie Horton has been working for himself as a consulting psychologist since 1996.
Prior to that, he practiced tax for KPMG and PwC and held senior leadership positions in the financial and banking industries.

Originally from Dublin, Ireland, he lives in the French Alps from where he works with clients from all walks of life across the globe.

Using advances in cognitive psychology and neuroscience, he specialises in enabling his clients find the kind of stress-free work/life balance that inexorably leads them living the kind of lives they want and achieving the kind of goals that are unimaginable to the ordinary mind’s way of thinking.

Willie is a published author – his first book To Succeed… Just Let Go was published in London in 2006. He is the creator of The Psychology of Success Online Program and the psyberCoach platform, used by coaches in Europe and the US, which incorporates the Mindfulness Measurement Index™.

Vanessa Tierney,

Vanessa Tierney is a leading voice of The New World of Work, Corporate Sustainability and Remote Working. With nearly a decade of working outside of a traditional office, she is an All Ireland Top 100 Female Entrepreneur, author and co-author of “Your Company with No Walls” (June 2020 launch), Co-Founder and CEO of – A skills matching and mapping platform for the new world of work, Co-Founder of – a virtual real estate technology for companies that want to bring their office online, and a keynote speaker at Global Tech Summits and HR Events on key topics around the remote revolution, impacts on diversity, the environment and the disruption of the workplace as we know it. Vanessa has over a decade of experience leading remote teams.