Course Overview

The last 12 months have seen astonishing volatility in investment markets. Where are we now in terms of valuations, liquidity and investment prospects?

Who is this suited for?

This online CPD course is aimed at finance professionals who may need to offer their clients investment advice or perspectives on the investment landscape as well of all us who have to manage our own investment and pension funds.

Course content:

  • How did we get here? A review of market trends over recent years;
  • Where are we now? What do valuation levels, market liquidity and central bank statements indicate about our investment prospects?
  • What’s likely to happen? Why we may be about significant sectoral rotation (away from Faangs and towards cheaper and more traditional cyclical stocks). Why, after lying dormant for several decades, inflation may finally be about to make a comeback.
  • What are the investment conclusions of all this?

            CDP Course Facilitator:

            Cormac Lucey – Finance Lecturer & Economics Columnist

            Cormac Lucey teaches finance at the Irish Management Institute, University College Dublin and Chartered Accountants Ireland. He is a chartered accountant and has worked in various financial roles in banking and in industry in Ireland and in Germany. He lives in Dublin with his wife and son