Course Summary

Duration8 hours


Course Content

Session 1: Using Tax Measures to Conserve Cash Flow and Create Opportunities in a Downturn

This session will look at practical ways to conserve cash and utilise the tax legislation under various tax headings to effect this. It will also cover possibly opportunities for tax planning as a result of possible depressed values.

CPD Course Speaker:
 John Murphy & Yvonne O’Sullivan – OmniPro

Session 2: Topical VAT Issues

VAT is a fundamental part of not only the day-to-day reporting obligations for many businesses but also in the context of engaging in the letting, sale and acquisition of interests in property. The primary focus of this session to be provide an overview of the key provisions in respect of VAT on Immovable Property, offering accountants a knowledge and insight to support their clients in this area. The session will also separately cover an overview of topical VAT compliance matters relevant to reporting of cross border transactions.

  • Supplies of Immovable Property
  • Capital Goods Scheme
  • VAT advice on Contracts for Sale / Pre-Contract VAT Enquiries
  • Lettings of Immovable Property
  • VAT Compliance – Cross Border Transactions

CPD Course Speakers: Patrick Fannon – RBK

Session 3: Trusts – Tax and Legal Consequences

This session will cover the following topics:

  1. It is vital for practitioners to be aware of the different types of trusts available.
  2. Be aware of the tax consequences of these trusts
  3. Learn ways to reduce tax exposure for all parties to the Trust

CPD Course Speaker: James Bradley – James Bradley & Co

Session 4: Succession Planning for Owner Managed Businesses

Mark will present on the main succession planning tax reliefs for owner managed businesses including a review of the main conditions for relief, a number of worked examples and recent relevant Tax Appeal Commission decisions.

During this session we will examine:

  • Retirement relief and business relief
  • Work though a number of examples
  • Recent TAC cases
  • Share buybacks

CPD Course Speaker:
 Mark Doyle – Doyle Keaney

Session 5: Brexit Considerations and Covid-19

Rose Tierney will be discussing the following in this session and much more:

  • Covid-19 Temporary Measures
  • Personal Tax Residence – ROI
  • Statutory Residence – UK
  • Employer Payroll Obligations – ROI & UK
  • Employer / Employee Wage Supports
  • Brexit  – The Story so far
  • VAT & Duty Update
  • Customs and Logistics
  • Tariff Classification

CPD Course Speaker:
 Rose Tierney – Tierney Tax Consultancy

Session 6: Tax On Property – 2020 Update

The taxation of property transactions is a major financial concern for clients through ordinary and extraordinary economic times. The automatic publication of determinations by the Tax Appeals Commission in recent years has provided an invaluable insight into Revenue’s views on some contentious matters in the area of property taxation. Through the format of reviewing some recent tax appeals cases, this presentation will provide an update on the prevailing interpretation in some areas of tax on property including:

  • The distinction between rental income and trading income from property
  • The meaning of sole or main residence
  • Allowable deductions from rental profits
  • The impact on various tax heads of changes in property law

CPD Course Speaker: 
Daragh O’Shaughnessy – AITI, Chartered Tax Advisor

Session 7: Update on the Wage Subsidy Schemes

With the recent introduction of the second major wage subsidy scheme in 6 months this seminar will bring the attendee up to date with the current live issues as they unfold. It will highlight issue that are emerging with the EWSS and issues being carried forward from the TWSS including the Revenue reconciliation project and the taxation of employees who received the subsidy.

  • Key aspects of EWSS –
  • continuous qualifying criteria review & qualifying employees
  • TWSS carry forward issues –
  • subsidy reconciliation and employer repayments
  • employee tax liabilities
  • proprietary director tax liabilities

CPD Course Speaker:
 Paul Murphy – Martin J. Kelly & Co

Session 8: Income Tax Planning and Changes to 2019 Income Tax Return

In this session, Michael Smith will cover the following topics:

  • Extract funds in a tax efficient manner
  • Pensions/RAC contributions
  • Termination payments
  • Changes to the 2019 Income Tax return
  • Income tax compliance issues
  • How completion of returns can lead to Revenue enquiries

CPD Course Speaker:
 Michael Smith – FS Taxation