Course Summary

Duration2 hours

PresenterBrendan Twohig

Course Details

This presentation will deal with the usual mix of topical issues and interesting nuances that are relevant to advisors and their clients, including;
• Non-resident landlords – understanding the quagmire
• Revenue Interventions – practical issues for advisors and clients
• Tax Cases – what we can learn from recent decisions
• Close Companies – nuances in calculating the surcharge
• CGT, VAT, Widows, and various other interesting updates and developments

As always Brendan will seek to go beyond the theory and provide practical applications and suggestions which Practitioners will find to be both informative and useful.

CPD Course Facilitator:

Brendan Twohig – MK Brazil

Brendan Twohig is a Chartered Tax Consultant and has been working in the tax sector for over 20 years.

He joined the firm in 2006 having previously held key tax positions in both Irish and international firms. In addition to working with clients directly, Brendan also provides support consultancy services to other professional advisors and is a member of various consultancy and liaison groups.

Brendan is also a well known speaker and author on tax issues and regularly makes contributions to both local and national media, as well as to various trade journals.