Course Summary

Duration1 hour

PresenterBrendan Casey

Course Overview

In these rapidly changing times your clients need your expertise and guidance to future-plan their qualification to the Welfare State Pension. This online CPD course will provide clarity on maintaining and/or enhancing the client’s title to the State Pension Contributory.

Topics covered will include:

  • Requesting a copy of client’s Social Welfare records
  • Identifying and correcting errors on the client’s Welfare records
  • Options on filling previous gaps on the client record
  • Explaining the use of foreign Social Security to qualify for an Irish pension
  • Forecasting the client’s pension rate
  • Advising on options to increase the client’s future pension rate

CPD Course Facilitator

Brendan Casey – PRSI Consultant

Brendan Casey has been practicing as a lecturer and a PRSI Consultant since retiring from the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection over 10 years ago.

Brendan advises on PRSI liability issues and is an expert on all of Welfare’s contributory benefit and pension schemes.