Course Summary

Duration2 hours

PresenterKevin Devenney & Jason Lynch

Course Details

This course is an opportunity to gain valuable insights in the area of VAT on property and Revenue interventions. With the landscape of VAT on Property being complex and with perhaps minor details causing a major change in the VAT treatment on property, we aim to provide a technical session on VAT on property rules pre and post 1 July 2008.

We will also intend providing an in-depth discussion on Revenue interventions and developments in this area and discuss the changes to the new Revenue Code of Practice effective 1 May 2022. The course will provide attendees with sufficient information to have informed discussions with their clients.

In this session Kevin Devenney & Jason Lynch will cover the following:

• VAT on property:
   o Our webinar will provide a round up of the rules regarding property transactions pre 1 July 2008.
   o A round up of the rules regarding property transactions post 1 July 2008.
   o A detailed overview of lettings pre and post 1 July 2008.
• Revenue Interventions
   o We aim to provide a detailed review and a knowledgeable insight into our experiences in dealing with Revenue interventions and the                  recent developments regarding changes in the intervention process and changes to the Revenue code of practice.

CPD Course Facilitators:

Kevin Devenney – Grant Thornton

Kevin joined Grant Thornton in 2014, having previously worked for a Big Four firm. He advised on all areas of VAT with a particular focus on the property and financial services sectors. He also advised various government bodies.

Kevin’s client portfolio includes Irish and overseas listed multinationals, government bodies and large indigenous Irish companies. These clients span the property, food, sporting, financial services and retail sectors. He has considerable expertise advising clients on all aspects of VAT on property transactions including the purchase and sale of commercial and residential developments, investor led transactions and the sale of distressed assets where a receiver/liquidator has been appointed. He also has experience advising government bodies on mergers, the VAT treatment of their supplies, VAT processes and maximising their VAT recovery position.

Kevin is co-author of VAT on Property, the leading text on Irish VAT on Property, published by the Irish Taxation Institute.

He has also presented widely on VAT matters, published various articles on VAT and contributes to the delivery of the Tax Institute’s Indirect Tax education programme.

Jason Lynch – Grant Thornton

Jason joined Grant Thornton in 2018. Jason has over 8 years of tax experience and he has experience in managing VAT compliance, advising on new product VAT advice, resolving ad-hoc VAT queries and assisting in the implementation of internal VAT systems. He has worked with global telecommunications providers, e-commerce websites and global entertainment content providers. He has represented clients in various interactions with tax authorities on both audit and non-audit queries.

Jason has previously been seconded as interim international VAT manager to the subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company. He was also seconded to a large multinational e-commerce company and contributed to improving the internal, international VAT compliance processes of the company. This involved analyzing and reviewing global VAT systems and advising on country specific VAT requirements. Jason also co-ordinates international VAT compliance for a number of multinational companies.